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Spoken English

How well you speak English decides what job you get your degree alone does not help you find a better job. If you speak right and if there is a flow in your English it will boost your personality. “YOU CAN SPEAK ENGLISH” is so well designed to help you learn fast, to give the flow, confidence and accuracy in your English speech

English is now used as a lingua franca of business, science and sports all over the world. It status as a world language has been developing for several centuries. It has blanched into various exotic varieties including our Indian English with its typical peculiarities. However we aim to teach and learn what is generally called the standard English. We help you to learn the neutral accent.

Diploma in English

Beginners (basic) : This course is especially designed for students who have little or no knowledge in English language. The course will provide an elementary foundation of English language focusing on daily greetings, basic vocabulary, basic conversation, and basic grammar.

Course Duration : Eight Weeks

Days : Monday to Friday (weekdays)

Intermediate : Designed for students who have basic knowledge of English language. Regular Practice in the classrooms will facilitate the student to improve his communication skills in daily life situations. More advanced grammar and vocabulary will be stressed through real-life activities that are relevant to the students’ goals.

Course Duration : Eight Weeks

Days : Monday to Friday (weekdays)

Advanced : Focuses on achieving highly effective communication in various situations through guided discussions and work targeted to the students’ goals. Accent reduction is also one of the objectives at this level. Advanced grammar accuracy is developed through practical exercises. Proficiency is achieved through individualized attention that reduces and eliminates weaknesses in oral and written communication skills.

Course Duration : Eight Weeks

Days : Monday to Friday (weekdays)

Business English

The ability to communicate effectively in business English is a required skill for many corporate employees. This program helps beginners and advanced learners to communicate effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English. The step-by-step approach which builds on previously known language helps you to use the language confidently for business situations. You will improve your fluency through interesting discussions, role plays and fact-gathering activities..

As a professional, all communication with your colleagues and clients is crucial for your organization and your career. Our Business Skills programs are designed to help you make effective presentations, telephone calls, negotiations and correspondence. You’ll learn how to use globally acceptable phrases and expressions accurately and confidently for a powerful impact in your dealings. This we achieve through a blend of skills oriented class room activities which reflect the modern world of business used alongside our Business Skills student’s materials. We know that your organization may have a unique set of training requirements. Our team of professional instructors will create and deliver customized training based on your organization's needs.

Soft and Communication Skills

Soft Skills : It is a widely recognized fact today in both the corporate & educational sectors that better employment opportunities and greater success in business pre-eminently depend on one possessing soft skills. In today’s corporate world, the success of professionals depends on the ability to put their domain knowledge into effective practical use. In practical terms, this translates into our ability to value ourselves, interact well with our peers, subordinates, superiors, clients, suppliers, etc. And transact business effectively. Corporate houses across the world have recognized the importance of soft skills. Soft skills are a key component of all personality development programmes. In today’s globalized world everybody needs to develop soft skills.

Communication skills : The ability to communicate is the primary factor that distinguishes human beings from animals. And it is the ability to communicate well that distinguishes one individual from another.
The fact, is that apart from the basic necessities, one needs to be equipped with habits for good communication skills, as this is what will make them a happy and successful social being.
In order to develop these habits, one needs to first acknowledge the fact that they need to improve communication skills from time to time. They need to take stock of the way they interact and the direction in which their work and personal relations are going. The only constant in life is change, and the more one accepts one's strengths and works towards dealing with their shortcomings, especially in the area of communication skills, the better will be their interactions and the more their social popularity. When you answer the customers’ calls, they should feel heard and assured that their problems are being taken care of. Our training ensures customer satisfaction.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – for people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication. Since 1989, IELTS has been proven and trusted worldwide to provide a secure, global, authentic and customer-focused test which measures true to life ability to communicate in English.

Over 3800 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organizations across 120 countries around the world recognize IELTS scores as a trusted and valid indicator of ability to communicate in English. With over 500,000 tests taken every year, IELTS is one of the fastest growing English language tests in the world, and sets the standard in integrity, research and innovation. This course is designed for the students who wish to prepare themselves for IELTS exams or to improve their communication skills in general.


Course Duration: Four weeks

Number of sessions : 20 sessions

Number of Hours : 2 hours

Days : Monday to Friday

TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is used to measure English language proficiency it is created by ETS (Educational Testing Services). If you are applying to a College or University where English is the language of instruction, your TOEFL scores will help admissions staff determine if your skill in English are adequate for enrollment in to program of study you have selected

The 6 P’s of Retail are: People, Place, Product, Price, Promotion and Pixel (Technology).

While there is a lot to be said about all of the P’s, the majority of productivity can be attributed to one P in particular, and that is People. "Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation", focuses mainly on People - both customers and employees. Knowing and doing all of the right things when it comes to customers and the people serving them, gives you a tremendous competitive advantage over other business owners who are caught up in details and projects that, however important, simply cannot have the same impact on your business.

Undoubtedly you have many tasks and projects that need your attention. And, granted, probably none of them are a waste of your time – you have to do it all and, very likely, you are the only one that can do them. You may not have anyone to delegate tasks and projects to.

However, whatever else you have to do, the one thing that you cannot afford to procrastinate on is your in-store operation - get that working well and you’re almost guaranteed success.

As a business owner or a retail manager, it’s crucial that you understand what your store management and staff need to know, and do, to make your business successful. They are on the front lines and how well they do will determine whether you are successful or not. That gives your employees an incredible amount of power – it’s up to you to make sure that power affects you and your business positively.

You can do what most retailers do - hire people and provide some training so that they can get the basic job done.